Fashion Cut With Comfort

axelledesoie with most close to and even beyond the current crop of popular cutting technology, with high quality and comfortable fabrics bring benefits to female ready-to-wear.
Silk fabric is the brand feature. Silk is called "Fiber Queen", with its unique charm favored peoples through the ages. Silk is a kind of protein fiber, it belongs to the very high-grade natural skin-friendly fabrics. In addition to silk, axelledesoie combines cashmere, wool, cotton, linen and other natural fabrics making the perfect balance between comfort and aesthetics, beauty and practicality of the design of unique products to be fully reflected.
Silk in Chinese homophonic private, in the product concept is also interpreted as "private to enjoy comfort", meaning that women who like axelledesoie can enjoy high-quality fabrics which bring a sense of comfort, just as cozy private tailor-made, custom and close.
axelledesoie strives to achieve extraordinary tailoring cutting for each product, with high-end comfortable fabrics and exquisite details of the workmanship, brings a full range of modern women's high texture fashion enjoyment and the perfect interpretation of their attitude and dress code requirements.