ABOUT axelledesoie

axelledesoie is a luxury brand founded by our Italian design team in 2010. Contemporary and sophisticated, axelledesoie’s ready–to–wear collections are tailor-made for the daily routine of the modern woman. The brand innovates to create quality fashionable apparel with comfort through the use of luxurious fabrics and an attention to detail.

axelledesoie was created under the umbrella of the world's leading silk textile and fashion industry enterprise, the High Fashion Group, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Market.  With the expertise of the manufacturing group, axelledesoie exceeds international standards when it comes to workmanship and fabric quality.

Silk items are the signature of axelledesoie, and silk is integrated into each of our collections.  Our products range from our signature fine and airy silk shirts to luxurious wool coats. We balance the colors, details and various fabrics to have the best combinations. We organize each step of design and production for the perfect outcome. Each of our new designs have a romantic, on-trend theme, with minimal fuss for lasting elegance, not only to make the urban women feel relaxed and comfortable, but also bring to their lives more enjoyment through exquisite, innovative, and artistic fashion designs.