AXELLE DARES, by definition, is a concentrated expression of the spirit and vitality. axelledesoie brand spirit is the courage to try, dare to explore, innovation, enterprising spirit; that is, dare to lead the trend, and be the first one leading the trend; is the courage and knowledge, to take the lead, made the initiative in development.

Cares About Environment

AXELLE CARES about the planet! In order to help it sustain we made all our labels and price tickets in left over fabrics, using exclusively eco-friendly prints and all stationary and carrier bags are from recycled paper. With every AXELLE piece you purchase you will also help the research for recycling silk.

Cares About Art
AXELLE supports emerging artists and craftsman all over the world.
Continually investing in design innovation, AXELLE stays of high and the latest techniques. A unique mix of high quality craftsman accessories, Chinese high quality silk paired with Europe’s great design and spiced up with art and generosity.

She loves: fashion, traveling, discovering, socializing, attracting attention, metropolitan lifestyle.
She dares: to be ambitions, to be different, to fight for the best, to impress, to be confidant
She cares: about image she projecting, about the future of our planet, about the finer things in life, about the arts, about health, about her community.